Happy April – 2013

By | 3 April, 2013
Daisy Flower

Daisy Flower

Happy April Everyone! It has been cloudy and rainy in Dallas, Texas but they do say April showers bring May Flowers. To me, this month represents the grey period after starting something like a new business or family, taking on a new challenge, and even setting and pursuing personal goals. Its where and when you feel the difficulty of what you’re working towards, have the ‘down’ days, and sometimes wonder if the sun will come out and give a little bit of heat or energy to continue forward. Guess what the flower of April is however? A daisy!  This is a flower that opens and faces the sun and then closes at the end of the day. Its bright and persistent no matter what life throws at it and even when its not opened in its full ‘brilliance’ for all to see, its still just as beautiful as ever…and it never gives up.

As it is Stress Awareness Month, its important to not let the challenges and rough patches in life get you down and stress you out. Stress can be healthy, until it begins to cloud your thoughts, block your creative process, or overwhelm you completely. Be aware of when you’re mentally, emotionally or even physically tired and be willing to take a break, step away for a few moments, find ways to spend time with family and loved ones away from the rigors of work, or just take time for yourself doing something relaxing and calming. Meditation? Reading? Writing? (Hey, its National Poetry Month!)  Walking?  Volunteering to play with or spend time with special needs children? (Its Autism Awareness Month, lots of volunteer opportunities to spend time with extraordinary and inspirational individuals!) Whatever really helps you lower your stress levels.  Sometimes these few minutes or hours or sometimes even days are just what you need to get the clarity of mind necessary to move forward with a professional or personal project. Trust me…the less unhealthy stress you have, the more healthy success you’ll see.

For each day in April, find time to highlight times of the day where you really know its time to take a break or make a few changes or share some of your personal stress relief tips and tricks. Comment on Facebook or tweet to @3GDTLT with the #lessstressmoresuccess. For example: @3GDTLT – Working on converting my excel contact list to gmail, taking a step away to clear my head. Remember #lessstressmoresuccess. I’m your 3G-IT – DTLT, Keeping it at 3Gs with Style and Grace. I hope you have a wonderful April.

Autism Awareness Month
Stress Awareness Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
National Poetry Month

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