Happy January – 2013

By | 20 January, 2013
Red Carnation

Carnation Flower

Happy January! January is known as the National Mentoring Month, so as we begin a new year, its important to remember life is about learning and growing…as well as sharing what we’ve learned with others. This Happy Month post is late, because I’ve spent the beginning of my new year finishing up tasks that were put on hold during the holiday break as well as finding new ways and opportunities to give back to my community as a mentor and a guide.

January is almost over, so I’ll save the cute hashtags for February, but I want every body to remember…you got to where you are in life, by learning from those who came before. The least we can do, is pass that information on.  I hope you have a wonderful month!  I’m your 3G-IT – DTLT, Keeping it at 3Gs with STyle and Grace.

National Mentoring Month
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month

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