3G Woman in Technology – Mary Lou Jepsen

By | 14 December, 2012

Every week, I highlight and share an inspirational 3G WIT, that is a Woman in Technology who’s life’s work is an embodiment of the 3G Lifestyle. Its that time again, so without further adieu:

Presenting – 3G Woman in Technology – Mary Lou Jepsen – Founder and CEO of Pixel QI

Mary Lou Jepsen

Mary Lou Jepsen – Founder and CEO of Pixel QI

With a Master of Science in Holography from the MIT Media Lab and a PhD. in Optical Sciences, Mary Lou Jepsen’s contributions to the tech world combine seeing with believing. She’s always had the guts to work on projects that have been adopted worldwide in head-mounted display, HDTV and projector products. She co-created the first holographic video system in the world at the MIT Media Lab in 1989 as well.

My attention was drawn to the technological genius after following her work with Microdisplay Corp on tiny displays as a Chief Technology Officer and then her work with Intel from 2003-2004 as the chief technology office of their Display Division. However, it was her work as the first chief technology officer with OLPC (One Laptop per Child) that really made this visual lady stand out. For the first year of OLPC, she lead the design, partnering, development and manufacture of the laptop and upon completing the initial architecture, the first prototype was presented at a UN summit by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Some of the largest manufacturers signed up to produce this XO-1 and Jepsen oversaw the development and high volume mass production. The XO laptop was known as the lowest-power laptop and the most environmentally friendly laptop ever made.

As a tech professional, Mary Lou Jepsen’s goals have always leaned towards making the screen of any device, laptop to mobile device, as efficient with an amazing display as possible. After 3 years with OLPC, she did eventually leave to start her own for-profit company called Pixel Qi. She did so gracefully however, and utilized the technologies she invented at OLPC for commercial pursuits in Pixel QI. This company provides low cost, low power LCD screens and with some of the largest computer manufacturer companies on her list of customers…if you’re using a laptop, there’s a chance that some of her research and development has gone into the lovely screen you’re looking at right now.

An inspirational 3G WIT, Mary Lou Jepsen was known in Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world and even her personal medical struggles have remained triumphs in how she’s continued to find new ways to support the growth of the tech culture and use her talents to give to those in need.

So that’s our 3G Woman In Technology for the week, Mary Lou Jepsen. Until next time, I’m your 3G IT – DTLT, keeping it at 3Gs with style and grace.

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