3G Woman in Technology – Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

By | 9 November, 2012

Every week, I highlight and share an inspirational 3G WIT, that is a Woman in Technology who’s life’s work is an embodiment of the 3G Lifestyle. It’s that time again so…

Without further ado, I’d like you to meet – 3G Woman In Technology – Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

No, don’t refresh your browser. That is a picture of a nun. This week, I want to introduce you to Sister Mary Kenneth Keller. Who is she? Well I’m so glad you asked. She is often considered the first woman to receive a PH.D in computer science. A woman with a kind heart and a spirit of change, she had the grace to commit herself to the Sisters of Charity…then take her vows in 1940. Now here is where it gets very interesting. Even after taking her holy vows, she had the guts to study and receive a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Mathematics and Physics before receiving that Ph.D in Computer Science in 1965. It gives me chill bumps to know that one of the first women to make Dartmouth University break the ‘men only rule’ was a nun AND she assisted in the development of BASIC. We are talking about the ‘Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code’ which was created in 1964 at Dartmouth College to help bridge the gap between only scientists and mathematicians being able to write and use custom software on their computers to regular folks namely small business owners to develop their own custom software in ways that brought regular use of computer technology to more people.

IF Sister Keller worked this hard to share her gifts with others THEN We have no excuse not to mirror her example ELSE The IT and TECH world will remain stagnant and never grow. Even before the creation of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the internet…this 3G WIT had the vision to foresee what an impact making strides in IT and Tech related studies would have on our society as a whole. In her own words: “We’re having an information explosion, among others, and it’s certainly obvious that information is of no use unless it’s available.” She knew what she was talking about and that’s for sure.

This Sister  founded and directed the computer science department at Clarke College for twenty years. She’s written four books on the subject of computer science and was known as a leading authority on the subject during her time. She left behind a legacy of success and growth when she passed away in 1985.

This is a Sister Act that any professional in the IT or Tech world should be proud to have followed and I know that it makes me appreciate what I do as an IT even more because I know gutsy and gracious women like Sister Mary Kenneth Keller not only set goals for herself to succeed but made it possible for women like myself to do so as well.

So that’s our 3G Woman in Technology for the week, Sister Mary Kenneth Keller. Until next time, I’m your 3G IT – DTLT, keeping it at 3Gs with style and grace.

Please comment and share…and if there is a certain Woman in Technology that inspires you and that you’d like featured on the blog, go ahead and leave a comment below and they will be put in the running! If you’d like to learn more about Sister Mary Kenneth Keller, visit: The Ada Project – Sister Mary Kenneth Keller

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